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You're here because you have

a vision, a big idea.

We’re here to manifest your dreams and inspire your

audience through relevant & deep-rooted brand experiences. 

Toronto, Canada

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Brand Guidelines

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Brand Marks

Font System

Colour Palette

Brand Pattern/Illustrations

Social Media Icon + Banner Kit

Brand Strategy


Identity Design

The days of matching luggage identities are over. Today, brands need to be dynamic and adapt to the fast-paced and constantly shifting world we do business in. In short your brand identity needs to work harder than it has ever done before.


We build responsive identity systems that strike the right balance between the need for consistency and instant recognition, whilst also having the agility and flexibility built-in to ensure that they can adapt and be relevant in specific and niche situations.

Interested in starting a project?

Discovery + Strategy

Digital Branding

Fully Responsive Design

Up to 6 Pages

SEO Fundamentals

30 Days Post Launch Support


Website Design

We create digital experiences to bolster people’s obsession with all things internet. Brands need to move fast and attract customers. We help them do just that by designing + developing memorable no-code mobile first websites.

Additional Brand Touchpoints

Affiliate Program Brand + Photography Guide 

Digital Marketing Assets

Business Cards

Presentation + Proposal Materials

Packaging Design

Print Materials

Environmental Design


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