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Because it's time to defy gravity.

FAME School of Performing Arts was founded in 2000. It started in a church basement and today, has operated in both Canada and the UAE from their own locations. 

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Toronto, Canada

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FAME Branding
FAME Branding

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FAME School of Performing Arts is a renowned organization with a rich legacy, having showcased its talent on stages across two continents for over 20 years. Its primary focus is on teaching children about theatre, dance, and vocal arts, catering to students at various levels, ranging from toddlers to high school seniors pursuing a pre-professional path. The school is well-known for cultivating triple threat performers, proficient in acting, dancing, and singing. When the legendary company approached us for a rebranding project, we were thrilled to take on the challenge.


Since the last update to their branding in 2007, the company has experienced significant growth, expanding from a single Saturday musical theatre class to a comprehensive studio catering to ages 8 months to 18 years. Our objective for FAME's rebranding was clear: to honor the organization's roots while also attracting new families to join their community. We aimed to create an identity that not only paid homage to their legacy but also stood out as bold and iconic on its own. Additionally, we sought to incorporate more elements that reflect the essence of musical theatre and its distinctive style.



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FAME School of Performing Arts Website Design

"I have seen many brand transformations, 

but none as exceptional as the one we experienced with Dame. They didn't just revamp our branding - they breathed life into it. With a deep understanding of our mission, Sarah transformed our brand to perfectly mirror our dedication to the arts, while keeping it fresh, lively, and appealing to our diverse audience. Their creativity was complemented by their professionalism, making the whole process an absolute pleasure.

The new branding is not just aesthetically pleasing, it's also deeply resonant with our values and the aspirations of our students. We've received countless compliments, a testament to Sarah's ability to translate our vision into a stunning reality.

Working with Dame has truly been a game-changer for us. I cannot recommend their services highly enough."

Theresa Di Meglio

Director of FAME School of Performing Arts

FAME Branding
FAME Branding
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